Blast Motion Package

Sensor + Player Subscription (1 year)


An exclusive discounted bundle, offering an all-in-one Blast sensor & player subscription! Premium Services for 1-year levels up the Blast Softball experience. It unlocks all premium in-app features and enables Blast Connect, providing athletes with access to swing assessments, personal player profile with custom evaluations, and training programs geared towards individual swing tendencies.


Validate your performance for recruiting and improve all areas of your swing. Eliminate the guesswork, shorten the feedback loop, and know where you rank among your competition. The Blast sensor captures data anywhere, including training and game environments – approved for in-game play at any USA, PGF, USSSA sanctioned event.


All your favorite colleges, thousands of travel ball players across the country, professional NPF & MLB players, and the US National Team.

Player Subscription Includes

Premium Blast Softball App experience with full access to Advanced Swing Metrics, Swing Quality Insights, and 3D Swing Tracer. Access to Blast Connect cloud-based data storage & trending, player insights, advanced reporting, roster mgt., video analysis, and more.

Premium Metrics Included

On-Plane Efficiency, Early Connection, Impact Connection, Rotational Acceleration, Plane / Connection / Rotation Scores, Bat Speed, Attack Angle, Vertical Bat Angle, Time to Contact, Peak Hand Speed, and Power. Newly released Ball Flight Metrics for Launch Angle, Exit Velocity, and Estimated Carry Distance.

Ready to take your swing to the next level?

For Illusions players, you pay only $160 for a package and subscription that normally retails for $210.